To submit an abstract, you are required to create an account in the Conftool system. Accounts created for the European Harm Reduction Conference 2018 in Bucharest, are still valid.¬†Submissions’ deadline is 1st August.

Pay attention! Abstract submission is different from conference registration.
Please register for the conference separately.

The conference seeks contributions that provide new insights for policy, research and practice in harm reduction and drug-related areas. Submissions should refer to programme priorities and the following questions:

  • How to influence drug policy on a national or city level?
  • How can civil society, e.g. representatives of People Who Use Drugs and other underrepresented communities, meaningfully involve in practice, research and policymaking?
  • How to develop and implement good practices and quality standards? Think of experiences, advantages and challenges.
  • How to respond to new challenges such as new substances, new routes of administration, new drug-using communities, or new legal contexts?
  • How to foster people-centred and intersectional harm reduction interventions that can address the complex needs of the communities of People Who Use Drugs, sex workers and other marginalised groups?
  • How to use digital technologies to enhance harm reduction interventions?
  • How to face and overcome funding cuts and limitations?

Note: We will select abstracts through a review system and finally inform you about acceptance latest at the beginning of September. Since we intend to work with different formats (workshops/corner-stone lab/short interventions), you might be invited to take part in another session format rather than abstract driven.


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