Our conference theme, “Putting People First – Empowering communities and driving innovation,” reflects our commitment to prioritizing individuals and communities, as well as fostering meaningful civil society and community involvement in shaping drug policy and practice.  We strongly believe in the power of communities and those working at the frontline, emphasizing the necessity for innovation and co-production.

With a variety of session formats, including Plenary, Major and Workshop Sessions, the Conference provides the opportunity to learn more about new developments in the field, disseminate research findings, showcase innovative practices, share knowledge and experience and discuss relevant practice and policy challenges and advancements.

The EHCR2024 will provide extra room for workshops and interactive discussions to support mutual learning and discussion.


For Whom?

The EHRC2024 is targeted at all those who work or have a specific interest in harm reduction, drug policy, health promotion, research, and advocacy. This includes a wide range of stakeholders, including practitioners, peers and managers, working in harm reduction,  health and social services, researchers, activists, community members, and policy makers at local, national and European levels. Anticipating a turnout of 400 to 500 participants, the conference offers a prime opportunity to engage with a diverse audience deeply invested in advancing harm reduction and drug policy.



The EHRC2024 will take place at the renowned Palace of Culture and Science, an iconic landmark in the heart of Warsaw. Standing tall as one of the city’s most recognizable and impressive buildings, the Palace of Culture and Science holds a special place in Warsaw’s skyline.

With its rich history and architectural grandeur, the Palace provides a fitting backdrop for our conference. Situated in a central location, the venue offers convenient access for attendees from near and far, ensuring that EHRC2024 serves as a hub for collaboration, exchange, and inspiration.

1 Defilad Sq Ulica Emilii Plater 34
Warsaw, Poland 00-901


Programme Committee

Katrin Schiffer (C-EHRN)
Rafaela Rigoni (C-EHRN)
Eberhard Schatz (C-EHRN)
Tony Duffin (ALDP)
Lynn Jefferies (EuroNPUD)
Alexei Lahov (EuroNPUD)

Marios Atzemis (EATG/Positive Voice)
Magda Bartnik (Prekursor)
Roxana Karczewska (YODA)
Maddie O’Hare (HRI)
Maria Khoruk (GI-TOC)

Ganna Dovbakh (EHRA)
Jamie Bridge (IDPC)
Ruby Rose Lawlor (Youth Rise)
Ferenc Bagynszky (Aids Action Europe)
Beatrix Vas (UNITE)



Tel. +31 20 570 7826 (direct)
c/o Foundation
Droogbak 1d
1013 GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

With financial support of
the European Union

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